Islands Real Estate

Islands Real Estate

The Caribbean contains a vast collection of tropical islands both large and small which makes islands real estate one of the largest in the world. From luxury homes, island homes, houses in Haiti, Bahamas condos to Jamaica villas for sale, St Lucia villas, houses on the beach and Aruba rentals; Caribbean Real Estate is available in every price range and just about every location.

Even as the Caribbean and its islands continue to grow in popularity and tourism, there remains an unusually large amount of vacant land to choose from, particularly in the smaller chain of islands in the Bahamas and the Grenadines of Saint Vincent which remain relatively remote when compared to their larger siblings.

In most cases, using vacant land in the Caribbean to build a custom villa, castle, mansion or vacation home with indoor pools houses comes down to obtaining the proper permits. Most island governments are quite flexible in terms of what owners and/or foreigners can and can’t do when it comes to Caribbean property ownership.

As Caribbean tourism rises, so does the demand for islands real estate, vacation homes, timeshares and villa rentals. Similar to purchasing new Caribbean land for sale or properties, very few islands disallow the popular trend of turning a Caribbean home into a vacation rental when it’s not in use. As such, Caribbean real estate continues to provide worthwhile real estate investment opportunities.

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Islands Real Estate
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Islands Real Estate
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